• New work up on on the New Work page; detailed descriptions to come on subject pages.

  • Slightly more accurate photo since I have to be about this close to see what I’m doing when flying blind.

  • The artist at work, photographed by my dear friend Sam Wooten. Not wearing my glasses though so cameras do lie.

  • As I suspected it would be participating in the Pancakes &N Booze pop up “art show” was a waste of time and money. My pieces were moved to an invisible position without my knowledge. Instructions were confusing so I thought it was only one night. Couldn’t bear to return to take the work home the next night. Should have learned my lesson after “Chocolate and Art” debacle. Never again.

  • Indecisive about what to show to gallerists tomorrow evening; only two pieces allowed. Since I vary between hating and liking them all it’s impossible to choose. At least my own private website, is up and running.

  • Back at the Scottish National Gallery show at the DeYoung, I can’t get past the Velasquez. A deep shadow on a sleeve made me grin.

  • The Persian Boy 2; acrylic, litho ink and graphite on printmaking paper.