• A plethora of new models this past week; should make for some new art soon.

  • Been using various pencils, including a charcoal pencil for the first time. Moving the lead around to make good blacks; very satisfying. Eventually I’ll post the results.

  • Proving once again that I am not a photographer, tried to take photos of the flock of robins in the park and of

    some soccer players. Well, I did get some snaps I can use in drawings.

  • Colored pencil is fun to use but takes a long time. Two variations of “Daedalus and Icarus,” same model for Daedalus, two different models for Icarus, neither finished.

  • Murders in Paris

    Disgusted and horrified by the recent murders in Paris. Knowing that given the number of people in the world there are bound to be some who are both evil and stupid does nothing to diminish these feelings.

  • Detail of first sketch; Bruno Bond as Sons of Cronos and source photo. Reworking this image.

  • First sketch and source photo of Bruno Bond as the Sons of Cronos. Redoing this drawing; don’t like previous version.

  • Helen and the Suitors. This drawing was in the 2013 Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Dan Savage was one of the judges.

    #Dan Savage, #Helen of Troy

  • The birth of Venus. The rock dove (our humble pigeon) is sacred to the goddess.

    #The Birth of Venus